TOGlic is an online tool for teachers to create amazing and fun activities for students to use right in the classroom. Each activity uses the pupils' facilities in a different way. Some develop collaboration and communication between pupils in the real world and others provide real-time solution results.
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Select the type of activity

Choose from 16 different activities. Each one exercises and develops students - fun but without unnecessary animations and effects :-)
Random number
Addition and subtraction
Multiplication and division
Words and sentences
Random letter
Word games
Word games PLUS
Words bingo
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Quick question
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Jigsaw puzzle
The tests need no introduction. In TOGlic you can not only create them easily, but also use them smartly. Each student gets a differently scrambled variation of the test on their device. While your pupils test their knowledge, you'll see their answers live.
Lesson plans
Prepare a sequence of activities in your lesson plan as you need them. You won't have to spend time in class setting up different activities.

Insert your content or edit existing

  • Easily and quickly add your content and customize the behavior and appearance of the activity
  • See a preview of what the activity will look like for students
  • Save the activity for future use
  • Easily share activities between teachers in your school
And if you don't want to create your own content right away, check out what other teachers have already created. You can edit these activities after logging in and send them straight to your students.
  • Library of available activities created by teachers under CC 4.0 license 18000+ available activities

Use the activity in teaching

Each activity can be used in different ways during the lesson. It's up to you whether you send the activity to your students in class on their devices, or print it out, share it for distance learning, or assign it as homework.
Dispatch activity
In face-to-face teaching with TOGlic, you develop teamwork and communication between students. Some activities allow you to work in physically formed random groups.
Publish as homework
Set the activity as homework and get a complete overview of the students' work at home.
Print the activity
Do you need to prepare an activity for your pupils and you don't have the technology or the internet at your disposal? Print out a crossword or bingo game and work with your pupils even in the woods.
Share activity
Use TOGlic also in distance learning. Share the activity in MS Teams, on your social networks or embed it directly into your website.

Perfect track of the pupil results

You can see the results and the students' answers already during the activity, and you can continue working with them or return to them at any time. Simple statistics will help you discover which lessons still need to be repeated.
  • Display results in real time
  • Automatic saving of all results
  • Detailed analysis and graphs
  • Use the student responses to quickly create another follow-up activity

Amazing interactive lessons

Interactive doesn't have to be just a whiteboard! We are proud to be the first in the world to bring completely unique ways to use technology in education.

Send each student a portion of an activity and have them walk around the classroom, form groups and interact over the solution to the problem. Like a pair search - get the whole class involved at once!

Develop communication skills

Tablets, smartphones and similar gadgets are excellent online communication tools.  Well – but in the class? No need to shy away with TOGlic – communication among the pupils takes place in a real world, face to face. No discussion forums, chats or social networks. When tackling their tasks in the class, your pupils start cooperating in a few seconds and develop their communication skills. TOGlic opens unexpected ways of doing things you already know.
Communication competencies
  • listening to and understanding of an opinion of another pupil
  • discussion, reasoning and defending of one's own opinion
Social and personal competencies
  • group cooperation, role division, discussion
Problem solving competencies
  • gaining understanding of a problem, finding and applying a suitable solution procedure
  • independent solving of problems
 To date, already 1711995 activities have been dispatched by 13812 teachers!

What users say about TOGlic?

I’d like to give ‘brownie points’ to the crossword. What an excellent idea that is! Thoughtfully designed to the finest detail – obviously, a lot of care has been afforded to it.
Mgr. Svatava Báčková
Primary school Týn nad Vltavou, Hlinecká, Czech Rep.
Super application, I use it for teaching on high school. Thank you and just go on :-)
Ing. Karel Rejthar
Higher agriculture school in Klatovy, Czech Rep.
I want to quickly thank you for an amazing platform. Today we tried the first live test with the students. What can I tell you, they were excited, I was a word, awesome. I'm a big fan and I recommend you from the bottom of my heart to everyone in my area. Thanks a lot and good luck.
Miluše Moučková
In school, we need to get quick feedback on a question that we send to all students on their mobile device. We can then see the pupil's work in real time, assess it, discuss it. Working with Toglic brings great efficiency to our education at different stages of the lesson.
Miroslav Sláma
Primary school with specialisation in computer technology, Vratislavovo náměstí 124, Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic
So far, we’ve experienced short, yet intense cooperation with TOGlic. Children love it, the same as I do.
Mgr. Ibolya Straussová
Private primary school, Kechnec, Slovakia
TOGlic is the perfect assistant in the work of teacher and yet so simple and intuitive. It is easy to motivate students, they are enthusiastic, teamwork and individual work is fun. Using TOGlic is great way how to bring pupils to study not only foreign languages. At the end of lessons, they say: "It's ringing again?" or "We can extend that lesson?
Mgr. Nikol Meyerova
Primary school Bilina, Aleska, Czech Rep.