Creating words from letters - how to prepare this game?

Activity Word Games PLUS is very funny but it was difficult to prepare it. The letters counting is now over! Use the new helper - LETTERS GENERATOR. It will entertain you :-)

Start from the target

At first, compile a list of words that you want to practice in this activity. I chose English names of vegetables. Words must be separated by a space.

An example of a properly prepared set of words: artichoke asparagus beet beetroot eggplant pepper broccoli cabbage carrot cauliflower celery corn cucumber zucchini aubergine leek lettuce mushroom pea potato pumpkin radish squash tomato onion garlic melon

ATTENTION: The activity distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase letters. If you prepare a list containing the proper names, it is good to write down all the words in capital letters. (E.g. the names of rivers: VOLGA DANUBE LOIRA ELBE ...)


Use the letters generator

Write or copy/paste the prepared words to the letters generator and press Enter to confirm. The generator creates a list of all the letters (or characters) used in your set of words. Letters are sorted by frequency of their occurrence. Click to select the letters you want to use - every occurrence of selected letter will by highlighted in your list of words. So you can continuously check how many words are you able to create from selected letters.

You can select letters sequentially or focus on specific letters of the words. The number in the lower right corner tells you how many words can be put together from selected letters.


Confirm the prepared set

If you are satisfied with a ready set, click Use the set of letters to transfer the prepared letters and words into activity Word Games PLUS. Words that can be created from selected letters are automatically entered into the Possible answers fields.


Don't forget to save your set

And then just play, share or print it! The activity of the samples you can try out right here:


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Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 28. 11. 2016
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