Introducing new TOGlic | CROSSWORD for Office 365 add-in

We are glad to introduce you a new MS PowerPoint Add-in - TOGlic | CROSSWORD for Office 365. What does it mean to you? You can make your presentation more atractive and fun with crossword puzzle that you know from But preparation (and also presentation) runs directly in the PowerPoint. It's easy and it's free - try it :-D

Don't be afraid of the Add-in

If you have never met the Office Add-ins, don't worry. It's really simple. Run your PowerPoint (any version) and find Insert -> Add-ind -> Store. Search the Add-in through the search box (just type "toglic"), or you can find it in the category "Education". You are looking for this icon: 


Add and sign in

If you have already registered to TOGlic: please, use the same log-in name and password to sign in the add-in TOGlic | CROSSWORD for Office 365. All your activities will be concentrated to one account.

New users have to registrate before using the add-in. It's much comfortable to register via your Office 365 account. The same log-in you will use to sign in where you can find more interesting learning activities.


Enjoy the crossword preparation

Preparation is very simple, intuitive and fast. You can also watch the whole process on a video.

At the end save your presentation. Share the created presentation (PPTX or PPSX) with your pupils or colleagues - added crossword puzzle will be displayed in presentation mode.


What will students see?

In presentation mode, pupils/students will see the crossword puzzle with blank fields ready to fill and the clues. Crossword is interactive - correct answer is marked with green and wrong answer with red colour. Thanks this feedback you can provide the presentation to pupils to their domestic repetition and practice of curriculum.

Look how the presentation with embedded crossword looks like (click the thumbnail to open the presentation):





Discover simplicity of TOGlic | CROSSWORD for Office 365 add-in >>

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 05. 12. 2016
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