New activity JIGSAW PUZZLE

We bring you this first big update of TOGlic this year. And because we are aware that pupils like to play and compete with each other, we have focused on them and created a brand new activity in TOGlic. Welcome Jigsaw puzzle.

Examples of Jigsaw puzzle 

Solve one of the puzzles that appear below and see how a jigsaw puzzle can revive your lessons.


Create your own jigsaw puzzle

As with any activity in TOGlic, the preparation of a jigsaw puzzle is very simple. On the Activities page, you can find the Jigsaw puzzle in the section with Cross-sectional activities.

Just upload your own image in the activity settings. Add the sound or text that appears after the image is assembled and choose how many rows and columns the picture splits into. And you're done. TOGlic will taken care of the rest. You can send activity to pupils' devices, display the jigsaw puzzle on any interactive whiteboard, or create a link to send out the activity to students by e-mail.


Discover more about Jigsaw puzzle

We have been thinking about different possibilities of using this game in teaching when preparing the Jigsaw puzzle activity. We found out different ideas "How to use Jigsaw puzzle", when we tested this activity. And it is quite clear to us that once the activity reaches real life, there will be a number of creative teachers who will use it in unique way :-). And we look forward to it! Before sharing your ideas with us, let yourself be inspired by visiting detailed description of the Jigsaw puzzle activity.


And we are working on more...

Do you like a picture puzzle and would you like to use it in MS PowerPoint, MS OneNote and MS Teams? We have good news for you. You can look forward to the new add-on for Microsoft Office 365 called TOGlic | JIGSAW PUZZLE for Office 365. Thanks to this add-in, you can easily insert the jigsaw puzzle directly into the prepared presentation and revive it with an interactive element. We are expecting to release this new add-in soon.

Administrátor Toglic (admin) 21. 4. 2018
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