TOGlic update 1.9.0

Powerful new animations and updates in student user interface of TOGlic. New options in Crossword activity and much more.

Redesign of the student user interface

We have added many simple animations to the activitites to enlive the stern interface. But displayed content is still the most important.

It's much better to controll some of the activities thanks to this changes - e.g. to scroll the page of activity Word games with a larger number of answers.


All activities on one page

You don't need longer to swich between the categories of activities - overview of all activities is now on single page. Just ACTIVITIES :-)


Word Game PLUS

You probably know that you can use a great tool Letters generator to prepare your set and a list of possible answers that will help you with the assessment of pupils' answers in class. Now we focus on the pupils and their screen.

  • The virtual keyboard has a new look and better handling of key press.
  • The latest answer appears at the first place - a student has a better overview of his/her answers. (The same principle is now also in activity Word Games)
  • If there is a lot of answer, a student can scroll the page and look at the entire list of written answers.
  • And the last but not least: Select the option "Check correct/incorrect answers" and set a time limit. After the expiration of the time, the student will receive all the possible answers that you have prepared, but he/she has not found and wrote them.

Try the on-line game (Body parts) here:


Crossword activity

Student interface of the crossword puzzles has been improved in the previous update. New in this update is the ability to use a spacebar in crossword rows to create an empty space to separating two words (e.g. Great Britain). You have the similar option in the hidden message - if you insert a row and left it blank, you create a space between words in your message.

TRY IT: On-line interactive crossword "What´s the time?" is awailable here:


The whole version history overview.

Administrátor Toglic (admin) 13. 2. 2017
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