We bring you this first big update of TOGlic this year. And because we are aware that pupils like to play and compete with each other, we have focused on them and created a brand new activity in TOGlic. Welcome Jigsaw puzzle.

Administrátor Toglic (admin) 21. 4. 2018

Welcome page redesign after logging in and major update in Crossword activity. These are the biggest news in version 1.9.2.

Administrátor Toglic (admin) 14. 3. 2017

Powerful new animations and updates in student user interface of TOGlic. New options in Crossword activity and much more.

Administrátor Toglic (admin) 13. 2. 2017

Prepare a sequence of multiple activities to fit your needs during your lesson. During the class, you will not be hindered by setting up separate activities.

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 18. 1. 2017

There is one useful function in TOGlic that gives you a great overview of your students attention. And it can also help you to solve some troubles that may occur sometimes. 

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 16. 1. 2017

We realise that every beginning is difficult. So, we have prepared some materials that can help you to start using TOGlic in your class.

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 16. 1. 2017


TOGlic alows you to create a “voting gadget” of any device – a tablet, smartphone or computer and get quick feedback from your students. All you need is the activity Quick Question.

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 06. 1. 2017


By using the add-in TOGlic | Crossword for office 365 you got not only interesting crosswords for your PowerPoint presentations. You got also a powerful tool TOGlic in the background. Let's have a look how can it helps you to get a great feedback from your students.

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 13. 12. 2016

You have used the TOGlic | CROSSWORD for Office 365 add-in and prepared a nice crossword in your PowerPoint presentation. Let's share it with your friends, colleagues, students or pupils.

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 12. 12. 2016


You have used the TOGlic | CROSSWORD for Office 365 add-in and prepared a nice crossword in your PowerPoint presentation. Now it's time to discover, how easy is to print it as a worksheet for your students.

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 09. 12. 2016


How to use the add-in TOGlic | CROSSWORD for Office 365 and how to prepare your own crossword in PowerPoint?

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 08. 12. 2016

We are glad to introduce you a new MS PowerPoint Add-in - TOGlic | CROSSWORD for Office 365. What does it mean to you? You can make your presentation more atractive and fun with crossword puzzle that you know from But preparation (and also presentation) runs directly in the PowerPoint. It's easy and it's free - try it :-D

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 05. 12. 2016

Activity Word Games PLUS is very funny but it was difficult to prepare it. The letters counting is now over! Use the new helper - LETTERS GENERATOR. It will entertain you :-)

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 28. 11. 2016

Scrabble is a great educatoinal game. We were inspired few years ago and prepared activitiy Word games Plus here on TOGlic - a great feedback tool for teachers. And now we improve it - you can share your prepared set of letter and let your pupils work on the interactive whiteboard or send it as a homework :-) Or would you like to print it as a worksheet? How it works?

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 05. 11. 2016

Prepare your crossword once and use it wherever and however you want. In the forest? In the classroom with interactive whiteboard? In the computer lab? In the classroom with tablets and smartphones (BYOD)? Or send it to the pupils as a homework? Everything is possible. And soooo easy! 

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 01. 11. 2016

Which activity from web use to practice irregular verbs in English? I got an interesting assignment from one of our users. I tried to think of several tasks that could liven your English lessons up - and I have used 4 different activities on TOGlic (Word bingo, Crossword, Word games PLUS and Words and sentences). I'll be glad if you write me your opinions on the prepared activities (in comments bellow) or give us your own ideas!

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 27. 10. 2016

Today's update will please all TOGlic fans who do not have enough hardware equipment in classroom to distribute activities to the pupils. Now you can activity (so far only Crosswords) print, display directly to a teacher device or share it. These features are available in the free Basic Account, so you can start using it immediately and free of charge.

Administrátor Toglic (admin) 30. 9. 2016

The Crosswords activity comes as the top hot novelty provided by Toglic Version 1.7.0. That said, it certainly is far from being a commonplace puzzle, given the Toglic versatility.

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 27. 6. 2016

Working with the Word games PLUS activity, you may newly add a set of anticipated words your pupils would (or, should) combine using the assigned letters. It will make your life much easier when evaluating answers received during the class. We have been so much thrilled by this new feature and hope you will be too!

Hana Slípková (hana.slipkova) 20. 6. 2016

Last update of TOGLIC during this school year will inspire you to try new activities in your classroom. The hotest new of version 1.7.0 is activity Crosswords. Kids (and also us) are thrilled and we hope, you will be too :-)

Administrátor Toglic (admin) 31. 5. 2016

Two new, modest options added to the Words and sentences activity bring a wealth of changes and brilliant new ways to explore :-)  You can now recycle even some of your previously prepared sets and use them, refreshed, during your instruction.  What can you expect of this most recent update?

Administrátor Toglic (admin) 30. 5. 2016

TOGLIC 1.6.0 has so many new functions, which you appreciate in your lessons. So where to start? Words bingo with images? Number activities with decimal numbers or much bigger numbers? Big multiplication tables? Sending any on-line web content to the pupil devices? Read this blog and find out more about all Toglic enhancements.

Administrátor Toglic (admin) 06. 5. 2016

Use your Office 365 or Microsoft account for easy login in TOGLIC. Explore new form if teacher's PIN or take a look at many new little changes inside Toglic. New update to version 1.5.0 is ready for you.

Administrátor Toglic (admin) 11. 4. 2016