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Homeworks in TOGlic
When pupils can't go to the school, TOGlic must come to them. All TOGlic's easy to use activities will help you to prepare entertaining homeworks to practise pupil's knowledge in any subject.
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New activity JIGSAW PUZZLE
We bring you this first big update to TOGlic this year. And because we are aware that pupils like to play and compete with each other, we have focused on them and created a brand new activity in TOGlic. Welcome Jigsaw puzzle.
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Version 1.9.1 released
Today's update brings modification of the internet connection quality indicator (pulsating green heart). And you can see your PIN code and the teacher toolbar even if you move the bottom of the page.
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Version 1.9.0 released
Powerful new animations and updates in student user interface of TOGlic. New options in Crossword activity and much more. Read more in the blog.
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TOGlic - add-in for PowerPoint
We are glad to introduce you a new MS PowerPoint Add-in - TOGlic | CROSSWORD for Office 365. What does it mean to you? You can make your presentation more atractive and fun with crossword puzzle that you know from But preparation (and also presentation) runs directly in the Powerpoint.
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Version 1.8.8 released
New TOGlic update brings great enhancement to the Word Games PLUS activity - it is the LETTERS GENERATOR. Check out the video in a new blog and then, try to play with this new feature!
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Version 1.8.7 released
The Word games PLUS activity can be now printed in the form of a worksheet or shared on the internet. And the registration is easier now.
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Irregular verbs - 4 tips to practise it
Are you teaching English? Let yourself be inspired how you can use several activities of TOGlic to practise irregular verbs.
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Math inspiration
Bingo is a fast warm-up to your math lessons - try our new set - "Powers".
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1000 users! Bingo :-)
TOGlic has 1000 users (12. 10. 2016). Thank you all!