Homeworks in TOGlic

When pupils can't go to the school, TOGlic must come to them. All TOGlic's easy to use activities will help you to prepare entertaining homeworks to practise pupil's knowledge in any subject.

Quick homeworks planning

Tools for creating homeworks were added to all activities, which can be displayd and used by pupils without any teacher assistance. Planning becomes a matter of a few clicks.

  • Choose activity
  • Setup all appropriate properties for selected activity or load saved or available acitvity from storage
  • Publish activity as a homework

Simple environment

TOGlic is designed for tablets and phones (touch screen devices), but you can also use it on any PC or MAC. Even first-grader can go through easy login via teacher's PIN, but the environment doesn't put off the teenagers.

You can keep track of all pupils results

You can see overview of all students answers for every published homework. Pupils can answer each homework as many times as they want and you will see the best attempt and also detail of all others. You can easily get information about mistakes and correct answers.