Version history - 23.9.2020
  • Minor bug fixes
    • Information about activities
    • School categories management
    • Methodics detail page
1.9.5 - 21.4.2018

What's new in TOGlic: (more info in blog)

  • New activity Jigsaw puzzle
  • Updated add-in TOGlic | CROSSWORD for Office 365
  • Updated add-in TOGlic | WORD GAME pro Office 365
  • FIxed adding of teacher account to the school account
  • Fixed an error when the results of counting activities were not saved in some situations
  • Fixed an error when it was not possible to display some activity on an interactive whiteboard
  • Fixed issues that were rarely encountered when the activation key was entered
  • Fixed Word Game PLUS activity - when using the letters generator, the words in the possible answers were erroneously created
1.9.3 - 11.9.2017

What's new in TOGlic: (more info in blog) 

  • Activities results - redesigned from scratch. New ways how to sort and work with all results
  • My account - better display of your current account
  • New add-in: TOGlic | WORD GAME for Office 365
  • All Office 365 add-ins supports OneNote online
1.9.2 - 15.3.2017

What is new in TOGlic:  (more info in blog)

  • redesigned welcome page after logging
  • tool to lock letters in crossword activity
  • QR code in popup with pin information for pupils
  • users logged panel now displays as right side panel instead as overlapping panel
  • select and use functionality - checked if target activity can accept selected data
  • and many enhancements in mobile display
1.9.1 - 22.2.2017

What is new in TOGlic: 

User interface of TOGlic

  • New saved sets icons in load/save panel
  • New indicator of the internet connection quality
  • Teacher tools panel is now always visible when scrolling page

Resolved bugs and improvements:

  • Resolved issue where empty space was saved in the name of the updated activity
  • Resolved issue with displaying correct information about connection quality on pupil devices
1.8.8 - 25.11.2016

What is new in TOGlic:

Word game PLUS activity

  • Letters generator  - for easier preparation of the activity (read more in our blog)
  • automatical control of prepared "possible answers" -  if it is not possible to create the word from selected letters, it will be marked with exclamation sign


Resolved bugs and improvements:

  • Crossword activity

    • remaining text in the field "instructions for pupils" - fixed
    • red border of the selected row of solved crossword (in Firefox) - fixed
  • correction of some texts and translations
  • and a few little details.....
1.8.7 - 3.11.2016

What is new in TOGlic:

Word game PLUS activity (read more in our blog)

  • Word game printing (worksheet)
  • Share your word game easily on the web and social networks
  • Play word game on interactive whiteboard (display the activity on the teacher´s device)
  • New fileld for entering "Instruction for pupils" how to solve the word game
  • Option "feedback for pupils" - could they see if the answer is correct/incorrect?
  • If yes - pupils are also informen about count of their correct answers
  • List of "possible answers" - exclamation alerts you that the answer can´t be created from the set of prepared letters/signs

Crossword activity

  • option display small/big images (as a question)
  • new information mark (arrow START) in the shared crossword 

Resolved bugs and improvements:

  • Quick question (ABC) - option 3 answers and "own answers" - 4 boxes had displayed (fixed)
  • Page Version overview - correction of displayed release dates
  • and a few little details.....
1.8.0 - 1.9.2016
  • Redesign
  • New overview of activities
  • Optimalization of loading web pages and acceleration
1.7.0 - 31.5.2016

New activity: Crosswords (read more)

Enhancements in existing activities:

  • activity Words and sentences:
    • new option „Whole sentence to each pupil"
    • new option „Colours distinguishing words“ – each word (part of the sentece) can have one of the 8 coulours​
    • ​easily change sentences order by drag&drop movement​​
  • activity Quick question:
    • new option "Own answers" in question type A-B-C to enter your own answers or images or symbols
    • new visual view of voting results
  • activity Text content:
    • new option to change background colour
  • Select and use data – new option to send data to activity Quick Question - (type A-B-C)
  • Print set – you can easily print stored activity settings (Words and sentences, Word games PLUS, Words bingo, Crossword)
  • New credit affiliate system - get teacher account up to 5 months for free 

Resolved bugs:

  • activity Web content - settings updates
  • activity Word games PLUS -  minor updates in showing right answers in combination with longest words and unique words 
  • corrected saving of the answers in activity Quick question (only for school accounts)
  • and much more ...
1.6.0 - 6.5.2016

New activity: Web content

Enhancements in existing activities:

  • activity Random number:
    • better distribution of the numbers - less duplicates allowed
    • decimal numbers support - set number of decimal places
    • range selection - new range 0-10 for smaller range and "Own range" to enter your own needed range
  • activity Comparisons:
    • decimal numbers support - set number of decimal places
    • range selection - new range 0-10 for smaller range and "Own range" to enter your own needed range
  • activity Adittion and subtraction:
    • decimal numbers support - set number of decimal places
    • range selection - new range 0-10 for smaller range and "Own range" to enter your own needed range 
  • activity Multiplication and division:
    • new multiplication table from 10 to 20
  • activity Word games:
    • new button "Backspace" on pupil devices
  • activityWord games PLUS:
    • new button "Backspace" on pupil devices
    • you can now enter possible expected answers - it helps you evaluate pupil's answers during activity. (read more)
  • activityWords bingo:
    • Image and symbol support for answers
  • activity Quick question:
    • you can now Select and use data in draw image question type
    • new option to allow multiple answers from one pupil in draw image and text question types 
  • activity Text content:
    • new option to upload image directly from your device into text
  • connection stability indicator (small changing number in bottom left or right corner)

Resolved bugs:

  • Notes in saved sets - now displays correctly entered paragraphs
  • Activity Words bingo - now all texts are preserved when switching between 3x3 or 4x4 bingo
  • My image gallery - now you can remove image from your gallery and you can scroll through all images
  • and much more...
1.5.0 - 9.4.2016

New functionality in TOGLIC:

  • Single sign-in with your Office 365 or any other Microsoft account.
  • Fixed teacher PIN - each teacher has its own unique PIN. You can change your PIN in "My account" settings.
  • Administration of users - administrator can move pupils between classes by drag&drop functionality.
  • Blog - Find new information on Toglic blog.
  • Activity Random letter - added new alphabets (Serbian and Slovak)
  • Activity Word games - added new alphabets (Serbian and Slovak)


  • generate link to set
  • generate link to my lesson
  • share sets in school
  • preview of the metodological sheets
  • a mane other little enhancements